Among Brothers

Among Brothers were the main act on the bill at the Barfly in Camden when I went along the other night, and I’m glad I came across them. They’re a five piece best summed up by the description on their website: “They fuse electronic rhythms, theatrical chants and percussive flourishes to create vibrant pop-influenced arrangements anchored by narrative themes.” There are no words in that sentence that I don’t love. And not much about Among Brothers I don’t love. Sound aside, their performance is a spectacle, with a wealth of instruments and playing techniques giving something worth watching. It’s obvious the Cardiff-based band are close, and really perform as a unit – something you subconsciously expect of any music group, but only really appreciate when you see it so obviously in action. The attentive crowd stood around silently watching their performance as though afraid to disturb the work going on. It was special.

Among the merchandise Among Brothers were flogging at the end of the show were t-shirts and retro cassette tapes of their music. Nice idea, but as the guy in front of me pointed out “Where am I supposed to play that?” Ahh, a little sign of the times in mid-week Camden Town. I did invest the very reasonable £4 in their EP ‘Homes’ and have been enjoying it ever since. Their music is bigger than the Barfly, and it’s bigger than the cassette tape you can buy it on. I look forward to hearing them in a stadium. Do check them out through their website


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